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About Me

Founder & CEO at TeamEx - World's first AI Tech Recruiter. Founder & CEO at TechCells - App Dev Company. Former tech lead at NBC Universal. Fractional CTO, tech advisor, board member, and Engineering Manager at various startups. I can advise you on: ✅ Tech stack selection ✅ Tech team building ✅ App development (web, mobile, AI) ✅ Tech budget control ✅ Tech transition ✅ Startup tech strategy ✅ Creating an engineering culture ✅ Organizing and managing tech teams ✅ Holding tech teams accountable (I have a unique method that I developed) ✅ Hiring tech talent (talent acquisition) ✅ Entrepreneurship If I don't have a strong answer to your case/question, I will not reply.

Where I can help

Talent Acquisition
Systems Engineering


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5 (4 reviews)

Yurii Kyparus
March 13, 2024

Exceptional. We talked about managing a tech team effectively and installing KPIs. he responded quickly with practical answers.

Eric Hudson
March 10, 2024

I asked a couple of questions about hiring tech experts for my startup, he nailed it! Thanks Zafar.

Cory West
January 15, 2024

Excellent knowledge, guidance, and experienced-based philosophy. I plan on speaking with Zafar again in the future.

Alex Timachuk
November 30, 2023

Quick response and great answer! He guided me to the right direction to hire devs from LATAM.