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Adam Sosnick
Adam “SOS” Sosnick. Host at Valuetainment. Financial & Networking expert. I help you improve your finances, relationships & overall improve your life. Wherever you’re at in life, I have been there. In my 20s I went from being a broke jack of all trades, nightlife promoter in Miami to becoming a financial expert and millionaire by 35. If I can figure it out, so can YOU. Now my mission is helping men level up and reach your fullest potential. I look forward to MINNECTING with you! -SOS
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Patrick BetDavid
Born in Iran, Made In 🇺🇸 Entrepreneur since 10 years old 📚 Author of #1 WSJ Best Seller “Your Next Five Moves” 🌳Lifelong Synergist
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Thomas Ellsworth
Hello! It’s me - The Biz Doc - I am an expert on startups, leadership, strategy, fundraising, management, and operations. You may have seen me on the PBD Podcast or doing case studies on the Biz Doc Podcast on Valuetainment (YouTube / Spotify). How I Can Help: Ask me about business / startup topics or something else. Your success is my goal! - I can help you get you from where you are today to where you want to be. - As a seasoned operator that has founded, grown and sold multiple companies (and endured challenges and hardships along the way), odds are that I have been exactly where you are today - and have felt every bit of the stress, fatigue, exhilaration, defeat, and anxiety that you might be experiencing now. - I can look you in the eye and say I understand because I DO understand because I have been there… and found a way to succeed. Why schedule a 1:1 Video call with me? 1. You are a founder that is "way too busy" and feels trapped. Maybe your team is not "ready" or "under-powered" and you wish they could do more or have been hoping they would step-up. You want and need a staff plan that fixes this and enables the business to pick up speed while taking some burden off you. 2. You have a sensitive situation with a key member of your team and want to process a plan. You are cautious about talking to anybody internally (perhaps it’s not appropriate or it might leak and cause issues) but want to bounce some ideas and strategize with someone who understands your situation. 3. You have a general business issue that you want to process and test some ideas. Maybe it’s re-organizing your team or considering an acquisition or bringing on a partner. We can have these type of conversations in private, so it will not leak to your team or spook them. 4. You want to optimize your presentation deck and test your story as you engage in fundraising. I understand how venture capitalists, private investors, and private equity firms think. I can give you feedback and help optimize your story so that you’re ready to approach investors with confidence 5. You want to be prepared for an eventual sale that brings you the top price. How do you work with an investment banker to present your company and run the process? How do you structure your team today so you are ready for the sale in the future. What things will the buyers be looking for and how do they prioritize them? How do you put a value on the business in the first place? How do you sell the business and not end up handcuffed to the buyer as a perpetual consultant? I have successfully navigated this jungle, and can help you build a plan to succeed. Something else? Ask me a quick text question and we can see if a 1:1 video call makes sense. Let’s take you and your business higher! I promise to leave you better than I found you! Tom Ellsworth - The Biz Doc
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Vincent photoVerify icon
Vincent Oshana
WHAT’S UP MINNECTERS?! Vincent Oshana here. I am a professional stand-up comedian/actor/writer just to mention a few. I am originally from Yonkers, NY. I am a United States Air Force veteran and I’m currently residing in the great state of Florida. I work for Valuetainment which is one of the fastest growing media companies in the world. Ask me anything and everything about comedy, acting, writing OR if you just wanna chat and have a laugh, I got you. That being said, God Bless you and God Bless America. 🫡🇺🇸
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Aaron Singerman
CEO & Founder of REDCON1 - Fastest Growing Sports Supplement Company in History! Aaron, a seasoned entrepreneur, has successfully established and grown 10 businesses, some generating as much as 9-figure annual returns, and lifetime revenue exceeding a billion dollars. His proficiency in developing omnichannel, digitally native vertical brands empowers him to guide businesses from their inception to expansion. With a deep understanding of preparing enterprises for potential growth investments and eventual exits, Aaron is an exceptional resource for navigating these areas. Are you ready to invest in the highest version of you? With Aaron’s guidance, knowledge, and experience you will become unstoppable.
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Salvatore Gravano
Salvatore “Sammy The Bull” Gravano is the former UnderBoss of the Gambino Family. Currently now living out his life through social media, Youtube, Podcasts and interviews.
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Michael Franzese
Former Colombo Family Capo. Author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur. MichaelFranzese.com.
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Charlie photoVerify icon
Charlie Kirk
Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA Host of The Charlie Kirk Show 🎙🇺🇸 Author of “The College Scam”❌🎓 Ask me ⁉️ • How to perfect your messaging to younger consumers • How to launch your business or podcast platforms • What you can do to get involved in your communities to make a difference • My advice on how to start a non profit / grassroots organization • Ways to be engaged politically to see success in your spheres • Much more!
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TereZa Hakobyan Lolli photoVerify icon
TereZa Hakobyan Lolli Anthony Lolli
Anthony and Tereza are the founders and owners of Lolli Brands Entertainment. Anthony Lolli - Father of Love & Legend, Real Estate Mogul, Multi - Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Documentarian and a Muscle Model Pro. He became a multi-millionaire at the age of 23 and is an expert at startups, business management, wealth building, asset protection, franchising, marketing strategies, documentary making and body transformation. Tereza Hakobyan-Lolli - Mother of Love & Legend, Real Estate Developer, Award Winning Producer, Actress, Singer & a 2 time Bikini Pro. She immigrated from Armenia at the age of 20 and conquered her own American Dream. She is an expert at parenting, managing and coaching her successful actor children, real estate acquisitions, money management, relationship design, multi-tasking and architecting life.
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Chazz photoVerify icon
Chazz Palminteri
Award-winning film, television and Broadway actor and Author of A Bronx Tale.
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Matt Sapaula
It’s me - @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula. I have worked directly with/ Patrick Bet-David for nearly ten years and a key person helping PBD to and through the $300M acquisition of PHP Agency. I am his no 1 income earner with a sales force of over 3,000 and growing, multicultural agents across the country. I am an expert in life insurance strategies as well as in recruitment and leadership development. I host the 7 Figure Squad YT channel w/ over 300k subscribers. I served 8 years on active duty as a United States Marine w/ tours in the Persian Gulf and Somalia, Africa. How I can help you: Ask me about transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, building up your revenue, training your sales team, recruiting and developing leaders that can scale your business, leveraging social media that bring you interested customers…even life insurance strategies that are tax advantaged to legally disinherit Uncle Sam. Let’s play offense!
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Justin photoVerify icon
Justin Waller
Originating in South Louisiana, Justin's entrepreneurial journey started by traveling across the United States, with his metal building construction business reaching all 50 states and the Caribbean. Since, his business has expanded across the world with not only his real estate, but his platform collaborations on YouTube and his partnership with the online school The Real World. His real estate portfolio includes seven mobile home parks, multiple single family properties, warehouse property, large multi-family in the United States and currently a large property development in Dubai. Justin is dedicated to helping all people develop along their path to reach their personal and financial goals through his message and online platforms.
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Terrell photoVerify icon
Terrell Owens
Terrell Owens is an American football wide receiver who played 15 seasons in the NFL. Regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Owens ranked third in NFL history in career receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Owens started his NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers in 1996. He would go on to play for several teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. He’s renowned for his remarkable speed, agility, and an uncanny ability to make acrobatic catches. Owens quickly established himself as one of the most dominant and exciting receivers in the league.
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Derik Fay
I am an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with over 25 years experience. I am the founder of 3F Management, a venture capital, operational management, and acquisition firm. I have created, scaled, and exited more then 30 of my own highly successful brands both publicly and privately held. Simultaneously, I structure high level corporate roll ups, LBOs, corporate board re structures, and perform Fortune 500 C suite consults. I am known as the “deal structure guy”. I see what others do not. This has allowed me to own, operate, invest, and consult on deals in nearly every industry. I make very complicated situations simple so expeditious resolution, profitability, and progress is restored or created for all. Have a business idea or problem? Want to pitch me or not sure what’s next? Let’s connect!
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