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About Me

William is the CEO and Founder of $1B (AUM) private equity firm Milestone Partners. William is an expert in business, ethics, and behavioral neuroscience. Unlike many celebrity “experts” William has a rigorous academic and professional grounding, having researched and worked at world leading institutions. A child of drug addicts and a survivor of abuse, molestation, and abandonment William Wells overcame his difficult start in life to attend Biola University on full scholarship (BA, philosophy & theology). He later earned masters degrees from MIT (real estate development), USC (MBA), Johns Hopkins (biotech; regulatory science), King’s College London (neuroscience), and Edinburgh (philosophy). At Cambridge (PhD, Land Economy) he researches behavioral finance, specifically arbitrage in real estate private equity investment structures. His research at the world renowned Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London (PhD Cognitive Neuroscience) focuses on gathering neuroimaging data on the difference between prescriptive moral judgments and social signaling. His doctoral work at Oxford (DPhil, philosophy) examined the neuroscience of morality. While at Oxford he played fullback, guard, and defensive end for the American Football team where he earned a blue among other team honors. William is a sought after speaker, consultant, and lecturer with expertise in leadership, behavior, ethics, cognitive science, moral psychology, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, entrepreneurship, biotech, venture capital, real estate, banking, and finance. — FAQ Q: You seem to do a lot of things. I want your help, but where should I begin? A: You’re right. I do a lot, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Unsurprisingly, people often solicit my help within my specific domains of expertise, such as real estate, finance, behavior, management, or career development. Q: Why else do your clients reach out? A: People also reach out when they need to consult with someone who has a unique interdisciplinary perspective to help identify problems or opportunities. It’s also not uncommon for people to contact me when they have an especially tough issue and need someone to provide creative out of the box solutions to unique challenges. Q: Can you give me business or investment advice? A: I don’t offer generic investment advice (e.g., buy apple stock), but I can collaborate with you to help you think through a wide variety of entrepreneurial or investment opportunities. Q: Can you give me personal, relationship, academic, or career advice? A: Yes! In fact it turns out this is the majority of what I do. I have been coaching people for over 20 years. My unique life experience and educational expertise makes me an ideal person to help others become the best version of themselves. Q: Can you be my full time mentor? A: That depends, but sadly, probably not. It’s an intensive process and I am very selective about who I make this level of commitment William has

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5 (5 reviews)

Kyle Hudson
February 21, 2024

Quick response. Thoughtful response. Supportive attitude. Overall great interaction with William!

Samantha Valdez
February 1, 2024

highly recommend! Super detailed and honest responses. Genuinely seems like he wants to help.

Brandon Hall
January 31, 2024

William is brilliant! Extremely knowledgeable and gave me loads advice way beyond what I was expecting. He answered all my questions and then some!

Skyler Stotts
November 19, 2023

William Casey Wells epitomizes under promise and over deliver. He gave me an amazing answer that was well thought out and very detailed.

Genesis Sanchez
July 23, 2023

Thoughtful response. 5 stars