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About Me

I’m a business owner, CEO, author and life long entrepreneur. I have founded several businesses, I’m currently an advisor at Red Wagon Advisors and the CEO of Volta Power Systems an EV startup. I'm also in a member of YPO. As the author of “Wake-Up Call: Insights for entrepreneurs to have more freedom, reduce drama, and scale their businesses” and the forthcoming book “Grow Profit or Die”, I advise business owners on Profit. I successfully exited one of my first businesses in 2017. I took some time off and became a certified Scaling Up coaches. I also have extensive experience with EOS / Traction (I know it nearly as well as a certified implementor). I can help with implementation questions for either Scaling Up or EOS. As a coach of entrepreneurs, I have shifted to Jim Collins “Beyond Entrepreneurialship 2.0” and consider myself an expert in his teaching, including the Jim Collins “The Map” I’m excited to be on Minnect, it is the app I have always wanted, but never thought of

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5 (23 reviews)

Eddie Goziker
May 23, 2024


Randall Mauldin
May 20, 2024

Best answer! Wade provided deep insight into how to position our services to key decision makers. Thank you

Melissa Main
May 17, 2024

I loved the extensive response from Wade Wyant! Not only did he answer my question, but he also suggested additional resources.

Joshua Northrup
May 17, 2024

Wade gave me great insight into how I can approach a growth obstacle differently. To where it could increase our next decade of outcomes drastically.

Tanay Modi
May 16, 2024

Wade is a wealth of knowledge. I would suggest going to him as your first, second, and third option!

Bob Rabbitt
May 14, 2024

Very practical and to the point advice!