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Vijay Maraj

Vijay Maraj

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About Me

I’m a CPA with over 5 years of Big 4 public accounting experience helping anyone from Fortune 500 companies to teenagers looking to start on their financial journey in auditing, advisory, FP&A, financial planning and strategic investment allocation. In my free time I trade stocks, options and crypto which I’ve been doing for almost a decade. I’m also a BJJ blue belt, avid traveler, and try my best to provide practical advice on any accounting, finance, or business questions you may have. I will use all the resources at my disposal to provide the most value I can as we all are on the same path towards financial freedom!

Where I can help

Career Planning
Wealth Management
International Taxation
Private Equity


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4.94 (4 reviews)

David Pere
May 1, 2024

thank you for answering my question!

Spencer Reukl
May 1, 2024

simple and understandable

Manuel Lopez
April 27, 2024

Solid suggestions, great questions to ask during my interviews with candidates. Thanks again!

Eddie Goziker
April 17, 2024