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Travis  Salsman

Travis Salsman

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About Me

Mistakes of our past do not define our future and mirrors rarely lie. If we take a hard look at our reflection and do not like what we see, then we must hold ourselves accountable for our choices, our actions, and our lives.  My name is Travis Salsman, and I am the Red-Blooded American Misfit, founder of Make Peace with Police, and Saving Lives by Changing Lives Academy. My mission in life has become helping people change their lives like I have mine. You can read more about my project and myself at www.RedBloodedAmericanMisfit.com

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Paul Brown
February 17, 2024

I have known Travis (on-line only), for going on 3 years. We have had a number of great conversations, on-line and as a retired Chief/Police Officer, I firmly support him in establishing his Make Peace With Police mission. I also support Travis, in his latest endeavors to create a positive and patriotic public mindset, for himself and anyone that subscribes to his mission, on any of his sites. I support his mission, for Make Peace With Police and his latest projects. I want him to know that he has my full support in all of his activities, including his podcast. His response to my Minnect was outstanding and indicative of his character.