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Hello everyone. Here is how I can help you. 1. Processing issues - human nature. One of the areas most people fall short is in the area of conflict resolution. The faster you can deal and process issues the faster you can move on to scaling your business. 2. Identify key initiatives to help drive revenue for your business. Most business are only a couple of small changes away from getting to the next. 3. How to create stronger relationships - both professionally and personally. Balancing work and personal life is a sensitive topic to every entrepreneur, my wife and I both work together in our business as intrepreneurs, we are both Alphas, how to overcome the misconception of working together is difficult, and create a strong work life balance has helped us over the last 13 years working together. Right hand to CEO & Founder Patrick Bet-David. Currently Vice President of Sales and Distribution at PHP Agency, started in 2009 by Patrick with 66 licensed life insurance agents now nearly 50,000 nationwide. Over the last decade under PBDs mentorship, I’ve gained knowledge and expertise in areas of human nature, conflict resolution, processing issues, driving sales leaders helping others scale their business from $100k - $40M annually. Looking forward to connecting with you here on Minnect to share ideas, bringing value, providing insight from a #2 perspective.

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5 (7 reviews)

Antonio Mainolfi
February 6, 2024

An incredible wealth of knowledge. He has incredible people along side him. One of course is Patrick Bet-David and it shows. Book=ordered. Thank you!

Adam Sosnick
February 1, 2024


Minas Martirosyan
February 1, 2024

It was awesome talking to Tigran, happy to see him on a great path to success. Excited for our future meetings.

Mark Higinbotham
January 30, 2024

Thanks Tigran! Very quick and straight forward!

Chris Mugavero
January 18, 2024

What an absolute pleasure to hear Tigran’s perspective and insights into the world of sales. I look forward to continuing our discussions

Josiah Bergen
January 17, 2024

Tigran gave me a fantastic response and great food for thought regarding sales. Will definitely reach out in the future!