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About Me

It’s me - The Biz Doc - I am an expert on startups, leadership, strategy, fundraising, management and end to end operations. You may also have seen me on the PBD Podcast or doing case studies on my Biz Doc Podcast on Valuetainment. Ask me about business / startup topics or something else! Your success is my goal. Period! Please send me a quick question and I’ll answer by text or video or schedule a 1:1 video call. Let’s take you and your business higher! I promise to leave you better than I found you - Biz Doc

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Find me on the Minnect app and ask me a question or booking a call!

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5 (24 reviews)

Peter Cudjoe
September 22, 2023

Tom was very easy to speak with about my startup company. He gave me sound and practical advice that would have been difficult to find elsewhere. His uniqe experience in building and selling companies was where I saw the value. Thanks again

Paul Scortea
September 19, 2023

Being seasoned in so many different businesses, Tom was great in giving advice on our fixed wireless Internet providers industry. Hope to have a chance to talk with him more in the future. Thank you, Tom!

Richard Bahar
September 5, 2023

Superb. Can’t recommend Mr Ellsworth highly enough. I would specifically recommend the video meeting. He gave me invaluable strategic advice regarding the expansion of my business into the Dubai market.

Kathy Matesic
August 24, 2023

Thank you, Thomas. This was very helpful!

Ava Kvitova
August 24, 2023

Biz doc is so underrated it's crazy what a great guy

Spencer Reukl
August 13, 2023

Gave details in the response. Good constructive message.