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Terralynn Forsyth

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About Me

👋 Hi! I'm Terralynn, and I'm on a mission to accelerate a bright AI future. I believe in world where AI enhances our lives, extends our creativity, and expands our potential. Building on 10+ years in the AI/tech space, I'm currently a Founder and CPO at FutureFit AI. I've built product & data functions from 0 to 1, am backed by powerhouses like JP Morgan, Techstars, etc, and have spoken to 1000s on AI and the workforce. 🚀 Here on Minnect, I break down AI into practical strategies: - AI Mastery for Competitive Edge: Learn how to integrate AI seamlessly into your daily work or scale it across your business - Career Transformation with AI: Get personalized advice on how to pivot or elevate your career by harnessing the power of AI - Strategic Product Management: I break down practical approaches for product leadership and management - Entrepreneurial Growth: Equip yourself with AI-driven tools and knowledge to reach PMF faster The AI future looks bright.

Where I can help

Career Planning
Job Interviews
Product Management
Product Development


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5 (2 reviews)

Manuel Lopez
April 26, 2024

Thank you for the time and effort to provide the level of resources and detail. I will review and come back with some more focused questions!

David Gonzalez
April 9, 2024

Responded super quickly and left an incredibly in-depth and thoughtful answer. Thanks for leveling up the Minnect product team!