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About Me

Has your social media experience become littered with ads from one of the self-annointed sales gurus screaming into your feed about dominating, crushing the competition or total transformation? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of the frustration of not being able to book meetings with top prospects or close the big deals? Have you ever wanted to unlock the potential for explosive revenue growth as a Business Owner/Leader or a Sales Professional, but struggled to get the results you wanted? Over the last 36 years, I've developed 2 smart, real world strategies that make it much easier to effectively use social media, old-school networking & curiosity to convert everyday conversations into millions of revenue dollars for my own business as well as Fortune 500 clients, small business owners, solopreneurs and individual producers. My proprietary strategies, 3STEP SMART SELLING™ & THE 7PILLARS OF KILLER, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT™ help our clients save time, build faster flowing pipelines of high value prospects & clients, book more appointments and close more deals in the real world. My philosophy, strategy, tactics and techniques are not designed to manipulate or deceive people, but rather to cross over that initial threshold of trust helping you go from a total stranger to become your clients' Most Trusted Resource™. I want to help real actual people connect with, serve and sell to other real actual people. This is not the hyped-up spandex warrior screaming into your social media feed telling you that you've got to change everything and be more like them if you ever want to grow your sales. I offer practical, proven guidance that will work for anyone willing to apply themselves. Let's connect and minnect today...I'd be honored to meet you! Sandy

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Tyler Huff
May 30, 2024

Sandy gave me an amazing amount of information in response to my question.