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I am a Performance Sport Coach with 35 years of coaching experience working with individuals, teams, clubs, and schools at all levels from youth to professional. I have written articles for the NY Post, was a regular contributor to Steve Czaban’s syndicated sports talk radio show, and has appeared on ESPN shows as a subject matter expert in the area of PEDs in sport. My career has taken me from working in the facility that created the phenomenon of ‘personal training,’ to being an entrepreneur, a Head Strength Coach at every level from high school to Division 1, coaching youth and high school football, and college basketball and college lacrosse. Social media is anathema to me, and despite using it from time to time, I’m not interested in gaining followers and competing with the chattering fitness class. I’m interested in moving forward, not rehashing and regurgitating the failed methods of the past. This approach guarantees I’ll never be a hit on social media. My clientele is small by design and necessity, as the time I spend with each of my clients precludes me from ‘massifying’ my approach, or even caring to. Minnect allows me to connect with a larger audience, but using technology to do so on my terms: in a private, one-on-one setting.

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