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20 + years of political campaign and communications experience. I have been part of over 150 campaigns from county, state, to federal offices. From town janitor to US Senate, from coast to coast. I can assist people in the following ways… 1. BREAKDOWN OF POTENTIAL RUN FOR OFFICE: Advise a person who is thinking about running for office and what it really takes to run and win. Or if they even have a chance and what those chances look like. I can give you a no nonsense, thorough analysis of what that looks like before you take the plunge. 2. CONTRACT AUDIT: Review contracts from campaign firms and consultants to see if you are getting a fair market value and not taken to the cleaners. The campaign world is the Wild West and all type of sketchy deals and characters are out there to fleece you. I can give you an honest opinion if you are getting a good deal or not without having any financial interest other than the cost of the consult. 3. GENERAL CONSULTING & STRATEGY: For certain candidates, depending on location and type of race, I can assist your campaign in a longer term professional capacity depending on your campaign needs. 4. POLITICAL CAREER? I can assist an answer any questions regarding people who want to go into the field of politics. Whether be working in the capacity of a government official, the campaign side of politics, or the activist/lobbying side, I can tell you what to expect, what you may be able to earn, and what type of lifestyle entails for those positions in the political world. College doesn’t teach anybody majoring in political science who wants to understand what a career would entail- I know mine certainly didn’t. I like to tell people thinking of going into this field what they can expect so they go in eyes wide open. FYI - I do believe in social media for candidates and campaigns, but not for me personally. That’s why you won’t find any social media accounts linked. ** I prefer video calls as the type of questions I usually get require back and forth conversations since there are lots of follow up questions dealing with the nature of this business.

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