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Ryan Flanagan

Ryan Flanagan

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About Me

Need help with E-Commerce, Marketing, Branding, Startup Struggles? Awards & Recognitions: 🏆 (2024) Inc Regionals: Mid-Atlantic #54 🏆 (2023) Inc5000 #159 Overall, #2 in Retail 🏆 (2022) FedEx “Customer of the Game” My main company is called Hatching Time and holds the recognitions above. Through the company’s rapid e-commerce growth, opportunities have presented themselves and doors have opened. I have been able to expanded into other markets quickly and diversify my portfolio. If you are interested in hearing more, please text or setup time to chat. I am excited to work with individuals who are beginning their entrepreneural journey. Getting expert advise about difficult decisions along the way will pay off in the long haul. One piece of advice is to find a good mentor that is where you want to be. Having built and scaled a portfolio of self-funded companies to MM sales, I can help growing companies find weaknesses in their strategy. I have a passion for showing others how to scale their business rapidly through e-commerce sales and global distribution. Once you have the blueprint, scaling company after company is like copy and paste, with some tweaks depending on the industry. So why do consulting? After having been asked from friends and family about business questions, I figured why not share my experiences on here too. I launched this account in Feb, 2024 so if you need any referrals, please see my LinkedIn.

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4.6 (7 reviews)

Mike Trempe
June 27, 2024

good knowledge and helpful.

Mike Trempe
June 26, 2024

kind and insightful answer.

André Rodrigues
May 28, 2024

Ryan is incredible. Super helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend to any entrepreneur. Especially starting entrepreneurs

Stephen Lawson
May 28, 2024

Very timely and thoughtful response! I appreciate Ryan's insight and thought on the subject given his expertise.

Manuel Lopez
April 27, 2024

Thank you for your suggestions! I am currently evaluating several of the tools you mentioned and will look into the others. Thanks again!

Eddie Goziker
April 22, 2024