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Roy Coughlan

Roy Coughlan

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About Me

Serial Entrepreneur having created over 15 Companies in 5 Countries. Went from Shy to becoming a Toastmasters DTM in 3 years. Winning plenty of speaking competitions and getting to final of 5 Countries. I have done Open mic comedy and an open mic TEDx. Podcasting Coach with 6 Podcasts. Speaking Podcast (top 0.5%), Awakening Podcast ( Top 0.5%), Meditation Podcast (Top 0.5%), Learn Polish Podcast (Top 0.5%), The Crypto Podcast (Top 1%). Podfather (Top 5%) I have helped people create a podcast as well as helping Podcasters and getting them into the top 10% or better of Podcasts. I have produced and edited over 1,350 Episodes include over 100+ live with top guests like Miki Willis, David Icke, Thomas Renz, Dr. Peter McCullough, Sherry Tenpenny and more

Where I can help

Public Speaking
Real Estate
Social Media
Mental Health


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