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Robert ORourke

Robert ORourke

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About Me

I am a seasoned Human Resources professional with a rich and diverse background spanning multiple industries. With extensive experience in both media production and the defense sector, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my role as Human Resources Director at Valuetainment. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in various areas of HR management, demonstrating proficiency in psychological assessment, anger management, effective communication, relationship development, cultural onboarding, benefits administration, negotiations, project management, real estate transactions, and property management. My experiance with tools such as ASANA, monday.com, office, G-Suite, and Workday further enhances my capabilities in overseeing HR operations. At Valuetainment, where I have served as Human Resources Director since July 2023, I excel in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. In this role, I am responsible for the full cycle of recruiting, from preparation and sourcing to screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding new talent. I place a strong emphasis on ensuring the success of new hires by conducting weekly checkpoints during their first 90 days, facilitating a smooth transition into the organization. Moreover, I play a pivotal role in managing employee benefits, fostering positive employee relations, handling hiring and firing procedures, and overseeing disciplinary actions when necessary. My meticulous attention to detail is evident in my preparation of payroll for exempt and non-exempt employees, as well as my coordination and conduct of internal investigations to maintain compliance and integrity within the organization. Beyond my responsibilities in HR, I demonstrate versatility and resourcefulness in my capacity to manage various aspects of business operations. My expertise extends to position management, departmental needs analysis, and growth forecasting, allowing me to effectively determine office space requirements and facilitate commercial real estate transactions worth millions of dollars. Prior to my current role at Valuetainment, I served as a Human Resources Generalist at PAE, where I further developed my skills in talent acquisition, benefits administration, employee relations, and compliance management. My proactive approach to addressing employee inquiries and conducting new hire orientations reflects my commitment to ensuring a positive employee experience. Before transitioning to the corporate sector, I gained valuable experience as an Estate Manager at Crown Estate Management, where I oversaw the management of four private Ultra-High-Net-Worth estates. In addition to my HR responsibilities, I demonstrated proficiency in troubleshooting IT and AV equipment, scheduling preventative maintenance, managing financial statements and bank accounts, and maintaining strict confidentiality in handling sensitive information. My educational background includes studies in Neuroscience at Columbia University.

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5 (7 reviews)

Manuel Lopez
April 30, 2024

Thank you for your help and the recommendation!

Terrell Hall
April 22, 2024

Amazing advice that I can execute on! Gave me exactly what I was looking for

Adam Nelson
April 22, 2024

Really thorough and intelligent answer! Highly recommend!

George Oberdorster Real Broker
March 12, 2024

Tons of Value…Robert is the man when it comes to details and structures for business planning.

George Oberdorster Real Broker
March 12, 2024

Great call. Need to schedule another one! Thanks Robert.

Pardeep Robinson
February 14, 2024

A really well informed reply and great advice! Thanks Robert, will be back in touch soon.