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About Me

Paul Gray is owner and CEO of several successful companies and an investor in great people. Starting from a humble background in his family’s construction firm, Paul has gone on to grow several accomplished companies in the construction and real estate sectors and has also ventured out as an investor in non-related industries. At age 26 he spent 8 years of civil service, becoming one of the youngest elected city Councilmen and Vice Mayors of Wichita, the largest city in Kansas. Recent accomplishments - 2023 Construction $25 million - new residential construction $15 million - new multi-family construction $8 million - commercial construction Real Estate and Development $26 million - multi-family developments with 134 doors 89 acres developed for single family 18 acres developed for mulit-family 19 commercial real estate properties(retail, medical, office, warehouse) Other Investments Crypto (BTC) mining and investing firm 4 successful restaurants (sports bars & gourmet pizza) Home Health & Hospice start up Bray Films - executive producer & actor (PPP Loan Gone, Buy Her, Joint Custody, and Unsurety) Most importantly, Paul has a loving wife, Adriana, who along with contributing to marketing and special projects for their family firms, she raises their four children who range from college to elementary school. Paul has mentored and guided many budding entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to greater success, as he has never overlooked the guidance he received from people he deems as ‘far more successful and important’ than himself. If Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady have coaches, why don’t you! ‘I am here to help you, reach your fullest potential.’

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5 (17 reviews)

Peter Miele
May 21, 2024

Thank You Mr Gray, definitely took the time to answer my question and gave me multiple avenues to pursue. I appreciate the insight.

Don Slagle
May 18, 2024

My wife and I just listened. Totally awesome answer. Contact Minecraft if you want to make it public. Really helpful information.

Luis Lopez
May 17, 2024

Great response from Paul. Lots of great ideas and knowledge about the commercial construction industry.

Daniel Astacio
May 17, 2024

Paul is the real deal! Thank you helping me process this and put things into perspective! Excellent

Rashed Hareb
May 6, 2024

Thank you for your insight and advice! Looking forward to working with you down the line

Josh Oakley
April 18, 2024

Excellent feedback