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US, Fort Lauderdale

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Born in Iran, Made In 🇺🇸 Entrepreneur since 10 years old 📚 Author of #1 WSJ Best Seller “Your Next Five Moves” 🌳Lifelong Synergist

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4.93 (28 reviews)

Maher Ayyad
August 29, 2023

Great response time as well as the response itself... PBD is the GOAT 🇺🇲

Dan Khan
August 27, 2023

Love this guy. Always giving good advice and actionable advice

Zain Hameed
August 27, 2023

Patrick’s perspective on my question helped guide me with making better business decisions. Further he went to the main core of my question and identified what should be the main objective and made planning ahead clearer for me. Thank you Patrick for the book recommendations! I look forward to speak with you soon

Todd Herman
August 22, 2023

I asked a farming question, fully knowing it's not exactly in your wheelhouse but you gave me some great things to think about. Much appreciated. Semper Fi

Maher Ayyad
August 1, 2023

Quick Response, Awsome!

Arash Pezeshki
July 28, 2023

I think David got confused with my story. I have a great relationship with my father. My fathers business partner’s son was the one that got be kicked out of my fathers coffee company because they’re millionaires and he’s a brat. My father almost lost everything in 2008. I worked very hard bringing coffee from honduras just to vent cut because of some spoiled child. That’s why i made Cafe Mila Coffee. Im going to email PBD’s people. I’m hoping they help me out. I got 10k beans and need a big one