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Monica Crowley

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About Me

🔥 Host, The Monica Crowley Podcast 🔥 Prominent news analyst on multiple TV, digital, radio & print platforms 🇺🇸 Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury 🇺🇸 Honored to have worked for 2 American Presidents 💥 New York Times Bestselling Author 🧑‍🎓 2 Masters’ Degrees, 1 Ph.D. LET’S TALK!

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5 (4 reviews)

Luis Vieira
April 19, 2024

Monica takes the time to provide a really complete answer and proves to be the nice person as in her appearances on Fox or other outlets. Wonderful!

Gonzalo Melgar
March 26, 2024

Very professional and substantial response. Felt like I was getting advice from a close friend. Appreciate you Monica thank you!

Andrea Perez
March 23, 2024

Monica’s answer was very thoughtful, I can tell she took her time to deliver an experienced response, on target. Loved it! Very useful.

Thomas Ellsworth
March 5, 2024

Monica’s answer was top-shelf, just as I hoped. She provided more detail than I expected and her expertise in communications shined brightly.