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About Me

Michael is a 3-time founder and currently the CEO of Entre. Here’s been an entrepreneur, investor and speaker for over 7 years. He started his career as a civil engineer and real estate investor, then got into entrepreneurship by connecting and helping other entrepreneurs. He started hosting events for entrepreneurs and partnered with all the major co-working spaces throughout the country. As the community grew, he then created Entre in 2019 to scale and start building out the technology and app. Over the last several years, Entre has evolved into a broader professional network for the next generation. As of today, Entre has over 120k users, hosted 300+ events, raised $2M+ in funding for Entre and has a team of 20 from all over the world. Happy to answer any questions or talk about business, startups, tech, VC, etc…

Where I can help

Private Equity
Higher Education
Job Interviews
Social Media
Venture Capital


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5 (2 reviews)

Tom Van Waelem
January 30, 2024

Michael's advice has been much more valuable than a $10 message fee. He is not doing it for the "money" and you can tell. Thx Michael!

Asher Newton
January 29, 2024

responded quickly. It wasn't really the answer I was looking for but he gave me really good advice.