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Melissa Callaghan

Melissa Callaghan

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About Me

Meet Melissa Callaghan, a dedicated Naturopath and Teacher with over two decades of experience, specialising in guiding her patients on a transformative journey of health and wellness. As a practitioner, Melissa is passionate about empowering you to break free from subconscious habits that are holding you back, offering holistic support through her unique approach. She incorporates guiding you to improve your health using natural medicine and combining it with life coaching strategies for a holistic approach. Empowering you with a new mindset and a greater understanding of all the toxins in your life and the power of nutrition and incorporating food as medicine to help stop and reverse the progression of disease and improve your approach to life. A whole life detox. Her secret to success for her patients is focusing on her three vital pathways of life : – personal pathway, - career or life purpose pathway and - relationships and communication pathway She integrates her expertise and experience to help you nurture self-care, find purposeful career growth, and develop meaningful connections. Her mission is to guide you through your personal pathway, fostering self-love and optimal health, aligning with your career path's purpose and offering valuable insights into building fulfilling relationships. Underpinning her three pathways are her Four Pillars of Health – Detox - detoxifying the body and mind, - Subconscious- rewiring subconscious habits, - Mindset- cultivating a positive mindset, - Nutrition - embracing food as medicine and detoxing the body using a whole-foods plant-based nutrition. Through these pillars, she can empower you to create your own steps to success, unlocking pathways to freedom and happiness. Come and ask Melissa as let her guide you on a journey of self-discovery, where she’ll give you strategies to navigate life, improve your health and rediscover joy. subconscious habits that are holding you back empowering you with a new mindset and a greater understanding of toxins and nutrition.

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5 (2 reviews)

Octavio Servin
May 2, 2024

Responds with great advice and knowledge

Octavio Servin
April 15, 2024

Retired military and I have tinnitus. Melissa recommended queries in and I found NAC in the process and the tinnitus has lessened little by little.