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About Me

Hello. I am originally from India, but for the last three years I have been living in France. Before coming to France, I was working as a software developer in the telecom industry. Before that, I pursued engineering in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. In short, I am a nerd for Technology. I came to France as an International student in one of the most known Business Schools here, EDHEC Business School in the city of Lille, some 250 kms North of Paris close to French Belgian borders. Today, I am pursuing entrepreneurship building my own technology startup from scratch. My startup project is selected for incubation in La French Tech incubator and also got selected for a scholarship program. Well that is about me. Now coming to the main point.. What do I offer as a Mentor on Minnect?? First things first, my expertise comes from my own experiences in this domain. I am a foreign entrepreneur working and surving in France. When I first came to France, I didn't know anything, Neither the language nor the culture. But over the years due to my own personal interest, I learnt the languages and culture and fell in love with it. I want to rest in France and continue with my entrepreneurial venture. So as an international Entrepreneur if you would like to start a Technology startup in France, you need to know what options you have and what are the Do's and Don'ts you need to follow. My expertise is in the following criteria where my advice and network might help you a lot. 1. I will advice you to have an interest in French language and culture and to learn them as quick as possible. I can give you some very crucial advices. Without French, you could survive in France, that's not a problem, but in order to thrive you need to at least put some effort. 2. Legal and Administrative Process for International Entrepreneurs in France. Whether you know or not, France is a beareaucratic nightmare. You need to know of the options that you have to get the legal rights to pursue business. A legal person will charge you a lot of money for the things that I am going to tell you. 😏. You may or may not have to spend some money later, but I guess some initial recommendations from an already established international entrepreneur might help you a lot. 3. My best and strong suit. Technology. I am a tech expert currently building my own hardware project. You might have known that Europe has a technology deficit. Well that is a very simple understatement. If you wish to build a technology, software or hardware project, I can support you in initial prototype development, sourcing materials, discrete electronics components, getting the programming language skills et cetera. Technology inspires me. Most of my project is open sourced and I regularly write a blog updating my project. So you can know about my project through the link I shared. So I hope to see you soon. Good luck. Mayukh Chakraborty, Founder, Product Developer, Lil'Génie

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