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About Me

It’s me - @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula. I have worked directly with/ Patrick Bet-David for nearly ten years and a key person helping PBD to and through the $300M acquisition of PHP Agency. I am his no 1 income earner with a sales force of over 3,000 and growing, multicultural agents across the country. I am an expert in life insurance strategies as well as in recruitment and leadership development. I host the 7 Figure Squad YT channel w/ over 300k subscribers. I served 8 years on active duty as a United States Marine w/ tours in the Persian Gulf and Somalia, Africa. How I can help you: Ask me about transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, building up your revenue, training your sales team, recruiting and developing leaders that can scale your business, leveraging social media that bring you interested customers…even life insurance strategies that are tax advantaged to legally disinherit Uncle Sam. Let’s play offense!

Where I can help

Social Media
Wealth Management
YouTube Creator


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5 (18 reviews)

Mick Naples
February 26, 2024

Extreme value. Over-delivered. Very grateful for the thought that Matt put into answering me.

Rob Morrow
February 23, 2024

Matt took the time to fully explore and answer my questions. Fantastic guidance and explanation of his answers. Highly recommended!

Luis Mora
February 20, 2024

Amazing value. Thank you

Erfan Barati
February 16, 2024

Very detailed and concise 👍🏽

Abe Noland
February 10, 2024

Money well spent! Matt really responded with tons of information. As I move into this career change I am exited to have Minnect as a resource!

Francisco Mares
January 27, 2024

Matt was great to talk to, he shared awesome ideas for my business but most importantly very personable advice on faith. Thank you for your time Matt.