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Mary Ruddick

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About Me

Mary Ruddick is an ancestral nutritionist and experiential anthropologist who specializes in neuromuscular disorders, infertility, and disabling chronic disease. She can regularly be found endangering herself in the untouched corners of the world to learn from and distill the wisdom from the last remaining traditional cultures. She shares her findings and knowledge via her sought after keynote speeches, 100+ podcast appearances, her published articles, and her work both in front and behind the camera.

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5 (6 reviews)

Tosha van veenendaal
May 13, 2024

Thank you so much, Mary. I’ve been following you for a long time and really hope you write a book one day. The world needs it!

Tiffany Kohler
April 23, 2024

Mary is wonderful as always! Incredibly knowledge about every complex health issue and so comforting to speak with! I am so grateful for her!

Tiffany Kohler
April 9, 2024

Mary is so knowledgeable and so kind! I always learn a lot when I speak with her. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with complex illness.

Fairytel Banag
March 24, 2024

Mary is so sincere in helping people. She's a blessing from above!!

Tiffany Kohler
March 6, 2024

Thank you so much Mary, that was very helpful and uplifting!

Tiffany Kohler
February 22, 2024

absolutely wonderful!! so grateful!!