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Mark Hannawa

Mark Hannawa

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About Me

I have been an administrator, marketer, aircraft sales, aircraft service, and recruiter in aviation for more than a decade now and love what I do. I enjoy helping those who aspire to learn to fly, whether privately or professionally. I am currently the president of Pilot Career Hub, where we prepare individuals to start learning how to become private or professional aviators. I enjoy traveling around the world where I meet aviation professionals at a variety of events and forums. This industry is diverse and vast... I am never bored and truly thrive in this industry. I would love to share my passion with those interested to "Learn To Fly"! Amongst my experiences is the ability to think outside the box to promote and product or service. Research is key for development, extracting exact data for the exact purpose. The key factors in what I do is understanding human behavior and how it perceives products and services. If you are looking for a career or guidance towards an aviation career, I am more than experienced to deliver the information you need. If you need guidance or assistance when purchasing an aircraft, I am your helper and can deliver your desired results. Small business development and “start-ups” is a category I have great experience in and enjoy this area a great deal from its creativity standpoint.

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