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About Me

A true Intrapreneur. Right hand to a CEO. I’ve spent over a decade doing Marketing with Patrick Bet-David, PHP Agency and Valuetainment. Currently VP of Operations at Valuetainment Media focused on strategic content strategy, live events and marketing. Ready to share ideas, answer questions or give some insights to new, established and high level executives or entrepreneurs. No BS - straight up feedback. I’ve also overcome a lot of adversity over the years including alcohol. If you know anyone who needs a chat - leadership also means tough love, perspective and a reminder to be grateful.

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Find me on the Minnect app and ask me a question or booking a call!

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5 (8 reviews)

Jay Kommas
March 1, 2024

Minnect has been a game changer for me. very grateful to receive advice from people like Mario.

Blake Early
January 27, 2024

this was absolutely amazing. Amazing value ‼️ he gave me actual LITERAL steps to follow to get to the next milestone.We have begun 😁

Ali Manouchehri
January 23, 2024

I expected Mario to be an amazing guy, but his kindness and advice exceeded all my expectations. I am very grateful for this platform.

Travis Wakefield
January 17, 2024

Senor Aguilar, gracias otra vez para la informacion hermano. I want to talk again soon about SWOTing. Disfruta la noche

Joseph Yonke Yonke
July 31, 2023

Mario is great!

Paris Brown
June 15, 2023