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About Me

Executive Business Coach / Patrick Bet-David Bet-David Consulting Manager / Valuetainment As an Executive Business Coach, my passion lies in empowering ambitious professionals to obtain their full potential and achieve remarkable success. Six plus years and actively being mentored by and having access and proximity to Patrick Bet-David, we specialize in guiding today’s CEO’s, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Leaders to overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth. Through personalized coaching and mentorship, I assist individuals in enhancing their leadership skills, refine their decision-making abilities, and cultivate a resilient mindset. We offer valuable insights and practical strategies to unlock untapped potential, navigate complex business landscapes, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. With a focus on fostering professional growth, I empower my clients to develop effective communication styles, build high-performing teams, and leverage their unique strengths. By promoting self-awareness and fostering a growth mindset, we enable entrepreneurs, leaders and executives to cultivate a high standard, high performance culture of innovation, drive organizational change, and achieve exceptional results. If you're an ambitious professional seeking to elevate your leadership capabilities, maximize your impact, and achieve extraordinary success, let's connect. Together, we can unlock your full potential and accelerate your journey towards becoming a visionary leader in your industry. Leo has worked with thousands of CEO’s, Founders, Executives and Leaders, companies ranging from $2 million top line revenue to $12 billion dollar divisions of Coca-Cola. Leo and his beautiful wife Clarissa (20 years and counting) are 20 year entrepreneurs themselves. They built a gladiator team who now drive and operate their company. Topics Leo frequently Advises on: 1. How do you process timing and strategy on recruiting a key hire? 2. What are key steps on creating a high standard culture? 3. How do you develop and drive a high performance sales team? 4. How do I process what my next 3-5 moves should be? 5. What is a good formula on leadership development for my team and I? 6. What would be a good strategy on creating a competitive compensation structure

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5 (3 reviews)

Cole Dillon
February 26, 2024

Had a call with Leo with my business partner and was worth every penny. The advice was straight the point and understadable. 100/10

Shahin Hoda
February 24, 2024

Glad I asked the question

Joe Rhodd
February 18, 2024

Leo gave 3 options to business startup that were all practical and good options.