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About Me

Expert Certified Defense Financial Manager with more 14 years in field. My primary focus has been on Appropriation Law, Fiscal Law, and Insurance with a focus in Life and Annuities and licensed in multiple states. I have an AA in Accounting and a BS in Business Accounting. In addition, my husband and I own a successful Tattoo business for going on 30 years. I learned the importance of a career, good credit, and decent income from an early age by watching my parents and their struggle. I didn’t have help and no one taught me how to manage my money. Like many younger adults, I fell into the debt trap. Medical debt, credit card debt, car debt, school debt. And most before the age of 21. It took me years to pay it down and repair my credit. Now I spend my time between work, teaching and educating people on how to manage their debt, how to budget their money, how to repair and build their credit. Helping educate and guide people to a financially stable future will help end the struggle for many families. It only takes one family member to change the direction for their family forever.

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5 (6 reviews)

Alex Donnolo
June 9, 2024

responded quickly and turned out to be a great connection!

Sebastian Rosa Emery
February 16, 2024

Great info and insight, will be following her advice.

Hillary Wachob
January 19, 2024

Lanaya was quick to answer and was so informative! I would highly recommend her!

Linda Vincent
January 6, 2024

Lanaya responded right away and was very thoughtful in her response. Her advice was helpful and appreciated. I definitely recommend her.

Shawn Abell
December 29, 2023

Helping me get started on a better financial path.

Shawn Abell
December 29, 2023

Fast response and to the point. Lanaya is a kind and knowledgeable person.