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About Me

Hello! I'm Kyle Knowles, an accomplished expert in software and systems engineering, specializing in integrating cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and AI into diverse business operations. Whether you're a startup looking to develop robust software architecture or an established enterprise interested in leveraging data analytics for growth, I'm here to transform your ideas into innovative solutions. Professional Background: I've developed multiple SaaS applications, ranging from autonomous flight systems for fixed-wing drones to advanced oncology treatment software designed to enhance patient outcomes. My projects consistently incorporate elements of machine learning, demand meticulous project coordination, and necessitate rapid system integration. How could I assist you? - I can help get your software endeaveour from imagination to innovation, from design to implementation. I can review your business' current technological strategies, understand your goals, and provide targeted advice on how you can use technology to achieve those goals. - Interested in adding machine learning or data analytics to your business? It is easier than you think and I can provide key insight to how a data focused approach might be able to help your business grow and an idea of what kind of hardware/software setup you will need to acquire. - As I am constantly focused on the newest technology trends, I can provide insight to your business about industry leading technologies and methodoloiges that might be relevant to your innovation. - I can provide a typical software architecture to your system that will allow you to see a finished project as an architectural blueprint in order to provide clarity to your operations. - Data analytics and machine learning can be mentally overstimulating. I can provide assistance in understanding these concepts and how they can applied to large datasets. - Ability to provide proper software testing methodologies to ensure reliability an safety to all involved systems. Commitment to Your Success: As a father of two young boys, I believe the future looks bright. This optimism drives me to help others shape a promising tomorrow. I am eager to see your business or startup flourish in this bright future. By leveraging my technical expertise, I am committed to guiding your venture towards success. Let’s Connect Today to discuss how I can help turn your technological aspirations into tangible innovations. Your success is my priority, and together, we can achieve remarkable results

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Ashley Glenn
May 1, 2024

Congrats on the new baby boy!

Manuel Lopez
April 17, 2024

Thank you fornyour insight, this was very helpful!