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About Me

Learn how to sell on Amazon from a real 7-8 figure seller. Kent Hockenberry is the founder and CEO of PS Traders, a successful e-commerce retailer that partners with top 3rd party selling platforms. These include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Poshmark, and more. He founded the company in 2013, and since then, it has experienced significant growth with current annual sales in the high 7 figure to low 8 figure range. Kent is a driven and ambitious individual, who is passionate about providing quality products to his customers. Under his leadership, PS Traders has become a well-respected and reputable company in the industry. He is here to help you start or grow your ecommerce business.                 Selling on Amazon IS NOT easy. It is NOT passive income. Drop shipping is against Amazon Terms of Service. Reach out to Kent if you want real advice on selling online. Kent specializes in: -how to run your Amazon account -keep account health metrics good -sourcing tips for retail arbitrage or wholesale -what makes a good buy and buying strategy’s - eBay - multichannel selling -hiring -business structure -and much more FAQ: -Should I sell on Amazon, eBay or another platform? This is a great question and depends on your goals, sourcing methods, and product makeup. Let’s talk! -Is selling on amazon easy? Can you help me? No, selling on amazon is NOT easy. It’s not easy to run any ecommerce business. I can help you navigate the common pitfalls to help set you up for success. Weather you choose to sell through Amazon or another platform like Poshmark, StockX, eBay, etc. let’s talk! -Can you help with Amazon arbitrage sourcing tips? Yes! This can be a great sourcing method. Let’s talk! -My company is growing, but I can’t find the right people to hire. Can you help? Yes, let’s talk! -I’m new to selling on Amazon or eBay, what tools would be helpful on a budget? Yes, you need less tools than you may think. I can guide you to the ones I think are best.-

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5 (2 reviews)

Wasiu Adeyeye
April 23, 2024

Kent gave me priceless information and knowledge that is actionable and has been tested! There is no replacement for actual experience.

Manuel Lopez
April 19, 2024

Thank you Kent! I appreciate the time you gave providing such a detailed outline. I will be putting this to use!