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About Me

💰I can answer any question you have about crypto. 💰 💰Reasons to connect with me: ✅ I am an expert in the cryptocurrency/ blockchain sector. ✅ I am CEO / CTO of a constantly expanding crypto product. ✅ I have deep knowledge of entrepreneurship, start ups, bringing dreams into reality. ✅ I am an insightful individual who enjoys providing perspective on any and all situations this ever evolving life we occupy presents us. No philosophical, religious or situational question is exempt. I am a neutral, open minded and unbiased party. About Me 🙂 I am the founder of InternetMoney.io - a cryptocurrency / blockchain product that is ever expanding and available on the worlds largest app stores (Android, iOS & Chrome). My team and I build technology that holds the TRUE values of DeFi at the core of everything we do. Through this endeavor, I have amassed an incredible amount knowledge regarding the crypto sector. Socially, technologically, governmental, legal, regulatory; anything you can imagine. Additionally the hardships successes of entrepreneurialism. 🧠I use the classification of “Philosopher” because outside of my professional endeavors, I am an avid studier of comparative philosophy and religion. Many know me as “BrotherKG”. I am constantly helping my fellow human being along their journey. 🙏I appreciate your consideration in picking my brain. Sharing my experience and helping others achieve their mission, is the highest honor I can hope to attain.

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4.99 (71 reviews)

Achim Guha
May 23, 2024

KG is a real expert, very helpful and on the point. He response was prompt and very valuable for me. top job KG. thx !

Ray Ayala
May 23, 2024

Thanks for sharing your book interests. I haven’t spread out to those subjects yet but may have to start.

Brandon B
May 23, 2024

It's rare to be able to get clear insight on the different aspects surrounding the crypto world. KG cleary is able to deliver.

Chris Corrigall
May 23, 2024

Thank you Extremely helpful

Wesley Beemer
May 22, 2024

Excellent insights and practical, helpful feedback. KG, thanks for your leadership in Crypto!!!!!

Wesley Beemer
May 22, 2024

KG provided me with a very well rounded, practical, and actionable response. This was well worth the cost!!!!!