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About Me

Most asked Questions: 1. About Business Success: • How did you grow one of your companies to an 8-figure business? • What’s your top tip for growing a business? 2. Community Work: • What do you do to help your community? • Why is helping others important to you? 3. Advice for Others: • What advice do you have for someone starting their own business? • What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? 4. Real Estate and Podcasting: • How does your experience in real estate complement your other business ventures? • Why did you start your podcast? 5. Leadership Style: • How do you lead your teams? • What makes a good leader, in your opinion? Justin is a multifaceted entrepreneur driven by a desire to make a positive impact. As a co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Zona Facta, a veteran-owned risk mitigation company, he’s played a crucial role in its ascent to an 8-figure business. His innovative leadership has been key in shaping the company’s strategic direction, prioritizing the safety of people and businesses. In addition to his role at Zona Facta, Justin’s commitment to community and societal transformation is evident. He actively participates in initiatives that foster inspiration and change, focusing on education and growth opportunities. His vision transcends his business endeavors, aiming to contribute to the community. Justin’s entrepreneurial journey is further showcased as the Founder of Empower Bid Solutions and a Realtor in Colorado. He also is the founder and host of Horsepower Lifestyle Podcast, exploring topics that resonate with his interests and expertise. Across all his endeavors, Justin remains dedicated to bringing positivity and meaningful change to those around him, balancing his professional pursuits with a commitment to social good.

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5 (3 reviews)

Dustin Gutkowski
January 16, 2024

Justin is the real deal. I appreciate being able to connect with you, thanks for the help

DaniLynn Balaty
December 28, 2023

Justin continues to bring light to my questions with in depth answers.

DaniLynn Balaty
December 21, 2023

Justin gave me a detailed response to my question. It was very helpful.