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Jose Alvarenga

Jose Alvarenga

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About Me

🥇 Throughout my journey, I've embraced the role of the underdog, consistently defying expectations and achieving success. I bring a diverse skill set backed by experiences encompassing business development, sales, UX/UI design, mechanical engineering, psychology, R&D, and IT. 🔑 Fact check me (trust is key): https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-alvarenga 🔧 They say, "Jack of all trades, master of none," but I believe in the power of versatility.. and the quote ends with “ but oftentimes better than a master of one!” 💪 My confidence is the product of resilience forged through setbacks, victories, and an unwavering commitment to succeed. Quitting is never an option as I strive to be a role model in every facet of my life, from fatherhood to friendships. 💼 My values of Loyalty, Honor, and Respect underpin everything I do. 🌐 Will you join me in my quest to change the world? 🚀 My career trajectory wasn't always clear. As a first-generation professional, I grappled with uncertainty. Nevertheless my track record helps speak for itself: 📚 University of California San Diego - B.S Business Pyschology - Minor Engineering Mechanics - Minor Mathematics Ex-President of UCSD Rugby Team 🏉 Project Lead at Engineers Without Boarders Co-Founder of Design Agency UCSD IT Specialist Psychology/Design Researcher at UCSD SDR/BDR Manager for Whova, one of the Fastest growing start-up software companies in San Diego and highest rated App in the Event Tech Space. Now Sales Account Executive as I focus more on family, having my 3rd daughter recently. Joining Whova Leadership provided a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact, not only in driving business growth but also in shaping the careers and futures of talented individuals within the organization. Through strategic recruitment, comprehensive training, and career advancement opportunities, we transformed lives and empowered individuals to reach new heights of success. 1. Led initiatives to recruit, train, and empower over 200 event consultants, equipping them with invaluable skill sets and pathways for career advancement within 4-9 months. 2. Designed and implemented rigorous training programs focused on sales methodologies, product knowledge, and industry best practices. Equipped event consultants with essential skills for prospecting, lead generation, and customer engagement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development. 3. Implemented performance management processes to drive accountability and optimize individual and team performance. Monitored key metrics, analyzed performance data, and implemented targeted coaching and support initiatives to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and results. 4. Cultivated a positive and inclusive team culture characterized by collaboration, innovation, and mutual support. Fostered an environment where team members felt valued, empowered, and motivated to achieve their full potential, driving overall team morale and performance

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