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About Me

**Crypto and Web3 Expertise:** I help people build meaningful brands and web3 communities through a unique framework that brings life to both new and established Web3 projects. With deep macroeconomic insights, I help projects navigate through tumultuous market conditions and foster community building. **Premium Merchandise:** By combining innovative merchandising strategies with NFC technology, I transform everyday items like t-shirts and hoodies into powerful tools for community engagement and revenue growth. All merchandise is blockchain-verified for authenticity. **Industry Impact:** Over four years in crypto, managing millions in DeFi transactions via decentralized governance. I've invested heavily in blockchain development, gaining invaluable insights into effective practices and common pitfalls. **Crisis Management:** As a go-to crisis publicist & marketing consultant for struggling crypto brands, I specialize in rebuilding trust and aligning project goals with community expectations. **Successful Project Leadership:** Proven track record in launching and leading utility NFT projects with strong tokenomics and significant fundraising achievements. **Emotional Intelligence:** Skilled in navigating high-emotion scenarios within global communities, promoting a culture where emotional expression is respected, not criticized. **Spiritual and Strategic Growth:** With over 20 years exploring spiritual and metaphysical concepts, I integrate these principles into my business strategies. My approach has helped maintain 8+ years of sobriety and foster meaningful, enthusiastic daily engagement with life and business. **Empowering Leadership:** My journey from a people pleaser to someone who embraces challenges has taught me the power of finding comfort in discomfort, a key strategy for thriving in business and life. **Community and Connection:** I’m committed to building a tribe of forward-thinkers ready to tackle challenges and transform their lives and businesses. If you're looking to bring depth, integrity, and profitability to your crypto endeavors, let’s connect and make it happen! **Valuetainment Shoutout:** Big thanks to the Valuetainment team for always keeping it real and grounded!

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5 (32 reviews)

Derek Steinman
May 16, 2024

Jon always provides great content in his quality responses. The responses are always detailed and provide way more value than other consultants offer.

Michael Sills
May 14, 2024

Thanks for the great response! Definitely well-spoken!

Will Gillis
May 12, 2024

Really appreciate the extensive and articulate response to my question Jon. It really illuminated the current state of NFTreas/mainstream integration.

Jonmikel Van Cleve
May 12, 2024

amazing and very well spoken.

Chris Quattrocchi
May 8, 2024

Jon's response was nothing short of amazing. His advice is very well thought out and inspirational. Thanks Jon.

Sy Smith
May 7, 2024

brilliant, when's the book being printed?