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Dr. Amy Cui. DTCM

Dr. Amy Cui. DTCM

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About Me

Dr. Jie (Amy) Cui is The 4th generation as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor from family heritage . Her mission is to help people to better life in the natural ways from physical body , mental body , emotion body to spirit body, From common cold to cancer , from new born baby to seniors . She is the master in Tcm fields , more than 20 years experience . She is a DTCM , RAc, RMT. Reiki master and nutritionist for healthy lifestyle . She coaches people living backward with great energy, youth looking and best healthy body shape at any ages . She helps people to live a fulfillment life . Also she is a great dancer. Let’s shine together with her . Holistic Physical health Mental health Spirit development Living youth at any ages Diabetes free Walking again after stroke Chronic fatigue healing 15 minutes Health revolution Psoriasis total cure

Where I can help

Career Planning
Faith and Spirituality
Health and Wellness
Health Tech


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