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About Me

I can help you raise money for your company or new product idea. Jeremy has had multiple $100M exits as an entrepreneur in tech.& health companies; he was also pre-IPO at Meta and early at Google where he won division-wide awards. Founding team of AllTrails, officially awarded #1 iPhone app of 2023 by Apple. Currently he leads YouRise, a successful venture firm . More info at Jeremy has developed deep experience in the following areas: --helping companies fundraise -- leading marketing teams as CMO --leading early & established sales & business development teams, --Recruiting and building new teams; leading operations --Launching entirely new products Jeremy is also a 2x state-champion runner, who went on to compete successfully in over a dozen sports including jiu-jitsu & muay thai, swimming, and soccer. FAQ's (Examples of questions Jeremy can help with) CATEGORY 1: BUILDING COMPANIES/STARTUPS from PRE-SEED to $100M Fundraising: Getting the $$$ What are the critical fundraising mistakes I may be making? How can I improve my pitch deck and take it to the next level? Who should I target for fundraising, and how can I build a pipeline of fundraising opportunities? What are the one or two elements that investors care about the most, and how can I improve those? Marketing: Leading a powerful marketing team and strategy What should I be focusing my time on when it comes to marketing? How do I build a world-class marketing team? How do I build and deploy an effective marketing strategy? Paid ads (online ads): How do I develop profitable campaigns? SEO: keys in today's new environment? Social Media: how do I get attention and make it sustainable? Email campaigns: how to write and send email campaigns that get results? Customer Service: Achieving Excellence How do I build a world-class customer service team? What are some of the latest technologies and tools I can use to improve customer service? Recruiting, Managing, and Building a World-Class Team I want to recruit a great team. What are the mistakes I'm making in recruiting, and what are best practices? How do I incent and motivate my team once I've hired them? Succeeding as an Entrepreneur How do I structure my day and week to be most effective as an entrepreneur? What are the most important elements to focus on as an entrepreneur, amidst the million things I need to do? How do I stay high energy, alert, and motivated? CATEGORY 2: OPTIMIZING YOUR HEALTH 2X your overall energy level. What are the keys to human health for max performance in work and personal life? As mentioned above, Jeremy is a state champion athlete who optimized his own health, and frequently helps others to achieve exceptional results. His company, YouRise, has a scientific advisory team of some of the best scientists and doctors from institutions like Harvard and Stanford, so Jeremy is able to stay on the cutting edge of what keeps a human body in optimal health.

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Health and Wellness
Health Tech
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5 (2 reviews)

Maurice Lawton
February 23, 2024

It was great talking with Jeremy. He was very responsive, asks great questions and gives excellent advise.

Ross Franklin
January 13, 2024

Very thoughtful and helpful response!!!