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Jennifer Betdavid

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US, Fort Lauderdale

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About Me

Questions I most often get: What’s it like being married to an Alpha? What’s it like being married to a man who is ultra competitive and ultra driven? How have I been able to balance being involved in our business and managing home life with four kids? How do you hire a Nanny? How do I stay in shape and why is my health so important to my success? How did you attract a man like Patrick Bet-David?

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5 (8 reviews)

Judisa Rosenthal
January 11, 2024

Great family/mom/woman role advice!! I love her answers because she shares personal stories that helped her. Really enjoy “minnecting” with Jennifer!

Judisa Rosenthal
January 10, 2024

Such great advice!! Jennifer gave really detailed processes she uses for her kids and family! Will be submitting more questions shortly!

Freda Jian
January 6, 2024

Jennifer replied with detailed, thoughtful and helpful answers to my questions! I am glad to have a role model I can talk to and receive advice from!

Christian Vega
January 4, 2024

Quick response and very helpful. Thank you.

Ross Franklin
January 4, 2024

Amazing advice, incredibly helpful and extremely thorough response! Very sophisticated as well!

Joel Muro
November 9, 2023

Wow! Jennifer went above and beyond to give insight on my question, I’m so thankful she went in depth to make sure my question was thoroughly answered