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*Former F-15 Fighter Pilot, Farm Boy to Fighter Pilot in 16 months *Founder and CEO, multiple companies and exits. *11x Inc 500/5000 Winner (Inc Hall of fame) *Voted Forbes ‘Small Giant’ *Current Private Equity Firm CEO and investor *Board Member *Globally renowned speaker and author *Former SEC Baseball Player *Dad, outdoorsman, and outspoken veteran advocate What I would love to help you with…   Designing the future, the future you and your family want and desperately deserve. Ever said this to yourself...? If he or she can do it, then why can’t I? I went from farm boy to fighter pilot in 16 months based on these concepts, and created an entire industry that has trained millions and created billions of dollars in revenue for my clients. I will help you design your new future and guide you into your next chapter. You can’t predict the future, but we can design the one you want!   Building a ‘can’t fail’ Ethos in you and your team. Fighter Pilots live and die based on our ability to execute and learn faster than our enemies, all while flying a thousand miles per hour. Is this concept holding you and your dream team back? I will show you how to survive, thrive and dominate regardless of your challenge! Coach Tom Coughlin asked me to train the NY Giants in these techniques to an epic turn around season to win the Super Bowl.   Creating Execution Rhythm. What is this? You and your team’s ability to execute not just at the same rate of change in the market but ahead of these changes. How to be a market leader verses a follower. These methods will drive added margin and EBITDA every time. Using a scalable heuristic to pull verses push your team into the future creates an inspiring environment one that Michael Dell, Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger, and Target’s CEO Brian Cornell have all experienced with me. Let’s work together on your Execution Rhythm.   Truth over Artificial Harmony the #1 pitfall of most leaders today. To scale and to be agile, leaders need a psychologically safe environment to introspect the wins and most importantly losses we incur daily in life and business. If you cannot get to the truth from your team or they cannot get the same from you as a leader, you will fail and fail fast. I will teach you the secret weapon 99% of businesses overlook and have no clue on how use. Debriefing in open verses closed ranks will put up wins fast. We will uncover not only the cause of an error or success but most importantly the root causes keeping you from improving. Using this tool, you and your team will execute the next mission at least 60%+ better after each session. 60+%? What would this do to your team? To your life?   I can help you with Start Up’s, understanding Private Equity and Funds, creating and protecting Intellectual Property, Professional Speaking, building a Consulting Practice, building High Performance Teams, Military Aviation Tactics, Hunting, Fishing, raising young men

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Career Planning
Private Equity
Public Speaking
Venture Capital


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5 (6 reviews)

Erik Sletten
February 21, 2024

"Grateful for James Murphy's invaluable insight and expertise. His contributions have made a significant impact. Thank you!"

John Hunter
February 12, 2024

Great insight and extremely knowledgeable! Helped me out a ton, and got to the point of exactly what I needed to know.

Ali Fotovat
February 1, 2024

Had a great session with James. He understands business and scaling up companies so well I got the answer all my questions and a lot more

Hanna Burkhart
February 2, 2024

Great feedback

Brandon Hall
February 2, 2024

Great feedback with specific action items. Thanks so much, James!

Patrick BetDavid
January 5, 2024

I heard Jim speak 20 years ago and his insight as a pilot on how they debrief after all missions was something I applied into the businesses I run.