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I am given the gift of self realization each time I play the guitar. It’s the perfect playground to learn what you are capable of. Let me share that with you this year. Anyone who spends over 50 dollars with me here gets my 30 Minute Perfect Guitar Bends course. And if you spend 100 dollars I’ll also give you my One Riff To Rule Them All course. Just let me know your email in a call or text. From the stages of Metropolis America to the studios of The Sunset Villains under Ivory Productions, I learned what is expected professionally as a writer, artist and a performer. Creator of 30 minute perfect bends, one riff to rule them all and the In Key Podcast with James and Guest. I've come to understand what it takes to thrive in the studio, to captivate audiences, and to leave an indelible mark on the music world. My journey has taught me the importance of nurturing each student's unique essence, guiding them to meld it seamlessly with their progress, thus igniting a flame of enduring passion and advancement. "Unlocked Summit" stands not only as a trademark but as a testament to my vision—a vision that encompasses the harmonious blend of technical prowess, deep musical understanding, and the ability to deliver performances that resonate profoundly. Embrace the journey with me. Feel free to ask me about anything regarding my lessons, courses or the New York are music scene. I am happy to respo

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5 (4 reviews)

JC Morrow
February 27, 2024

Appreciate the advice.

Lauren Caldarola
August 8, 2023

James was great! He did a singing lesson with my daughter and my son and it was so much fun. My daughter is 8 and was really engaged in the lesson and found it easy to follow. She wants to do another one 😊

Karen Guzman
July 25, 2023

Absolutely fantastic beginner guitar lesson! James was patient, encouraging, and tailored the lesson to my level. I learned how to develop a good sense of rhythm and timing with simple melodies and holding my finger to virtually perform a barre chord. I am left feeling motivated and excited to continue my guitar journey. Can't wait for the next lesson!

Jamie Mitrovic
July 7, 2023

Extremely informative in regard to music theory, rhythm, and the feel/modes of rock music. Thank you, James!