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Ambassador Patel is a 36-year-old troublemaker who believes in turning ideas into reality, who enjoys the finer details in life from networking, public speaking, coaching & mentoring individuals from disadvantaged social backgrounds. He is creative and inspiring, but can also be playful and humorous with his inner circle. He is a British Muslim who defines himself as straight. He is also a full time wheelchair user. Ambassador Patel’s best friend is senior management to a world class hotel group. They are inseparable. They enjoy a cosy night in on the sofa watching movies. Ambassador Patel is the Co-Founder/CEO & PSC to The Royal Emirati Holdings Group. He has more than 14 years of experience and expertise behind him, from leading a team ranging of up to 55 under him at any one time throughout his career journey. From facing high level government obstacles and how to tackle them in a legal yet professional manner. Whilst juggling his health as he is confined to a wheelchair after sustaining major live changing injuries because of one of his careers. Ambassador Patel has been featured in WSJ, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, Brainz Magazine, Huffington Post to name a few. This profile is managed by his management team, though all form of contact with you after a successful booking will be from Ambassador Patel himself.

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