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About Me

If you have specific questions about herbs, I'm your gal! Hi! HerbGirl here, your Modern Internet Herbalist! I've studied herbs passionately for over 30 years, including professional training regarding the use of over 500 herbs. I have degrees in cellular and molecular biology & health science and am trained in nutricogenomics and telomere genetic testing. I own a retail apothecary and consultation business wherein I create custom, holistic protocols and curate unique, herbal blends to address root imbalances or compensate for select, gene SNP-mediated, enzymatic deficiencies. I do not participate in any "New Age" practices. I address soul-centered and spiritual health concerns, including deliverance needs, according to biblical scripture. The 5 questions below are examples of "safety & efficacy" questions about a specific herb that can be answered with a quick text or audio response. If you prefer an elaborated response or have a question that requires more of an explanation, please select the video option. For example, "What helps heal a leaky gut?" or "What herbs are good for ____?" These types of questions require a lengthier response than many realize! Inquiries that pertain to a complex or multi-faceted situation will likely require a conversation via video call or subsequent text/video inquiries. Thank you, and I look forward to answering your questions!

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Faith and Spirituality
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