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Harin Amazon Guy

Harin Amazon Guy

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About Me

5 Year Amazon Seller, Here Out to sell my Costly Mistakes on Discount, So you DON’T Have to Make It. •(Mostly into Wholesaling/brand named items🇺🇸/🇨🇦) •(Ex-Private label person, better than alibaba route)

Where I can help

Product Management
Supply Chain


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5 (3 reviews)

Greg Dishgrikyan
March 7, 2024

Thank you Harin!!! Amazing insight, answer was helpful and thorough. Even offered another method of reaching him if I had more questions.🙏🏻🙏🏻

Richard Novikas
December 29, 2023

First time, trying the app, and it’s a winner immediately! Harin answer the question extensively, I got what I needed in just one shot!

Aum Smith
June 20, 2023

Really helped me alot, all the info which i was finding on youtuber are just click baits or irrelevant but harin amazon guy has guided me.