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About Me

George Gammon is an American entrepreneur, investor, and financial educator, widely recognized for his insightful analysis in the fields of economics, real estate investment, and financial markets. Self-educated in economics and finance, Gammon launched 2 YouTube channels with more than 3 millions views per month. He quickly gained popularity due to his ability to simplify and explain complex economic theories and market dynamics in an engaging and accessible way. His content covers a wide range of topics, including macroeconomics, investment strategies, real estate trends, and monetary policy, often featuring interviews with industry experts. Beyond his YouTube channel, George Gammon has made significant contributions to financial literacy through his own podcast The Rebel Capitalist with more than 1 million downloads per month and his participation in various financial podcasts like Valuetainment, Rich Dad Radio, Stan Berry. He organizes his own conference called Rebel Capitalist Live, and participates in others like the New Orleans Investment Conference. He is often invited as a guest speaker on Fox Bussiness where he shares his expertise on macroeconomic trends and investment strategies. His work in this field is driven by values such as transparency, a belief in freedom, free market capitalism, and the importance of financial literacy. He is known for his ability to engage a wide range of audiences, from beginner investors to financial professionals, making complex topics understandable.

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3 (2 reviews)

Jake Colby
February 6, 2024

This is my 4th Minnect. The most expensive one, and the only one who didn’t give me a voice response. Most generic answer ever. Want my $100 back.

Victor Gargurevich
January 22, 2024

Truly blessed to hear him reply to me. Will take advice to heart and learned from it.