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About Me

Let’s learn effective social networking. Creating a personal connection is crucial to forming meaningful relationships and impactful collaborations. As a guide in navigating this intricate landscape, allow me to introduce myself. Over five decades, I’ve directly engaged hundreds of thousands of people from a wide variety of cultures. Meaningful connections are essential to business dealings, especially for small teams. Positive reputation build is the priority, so I will teach you how to be memorable and effective. At the age of 17, I embarked on a journey with the US Navy and found opportunity to serve as combat medic with elite ranks of special forces. This environment is characterized by camaraderie, accountability and unwavering determination. Here, I quickly mastered the art of social calibration. Effective communication and teamwork are paramount to mission success and preservation of life and limb. Transitioning from military life, I took on new challenge in a culture of medical academics. For decades, I was immersed in specialties of cardiac diagnostics, clinical research and heart transplant surgery. This helped refine abilities to communicate with precision. In my 40s, fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for innovation, I ventured into the fast-paced world of startup. I founded and operated an accelerator in Silicon Valley. During this venture, I facilitated growth and success of many tech startups. It was on this journey that I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency. I find that the use case for most cryptocurrency is speculation. Gas, L1, NFTs and Dex tokens all accrue value or income through games, infrastructure support and speculation. Decentralized finance may one day have additional social impact by aligning financial incentives with freedoms of speech, movement and transaction. Since my introduction, I have played a significant role in launch and nurture of numerous crypto projects. This leverages my expertise in communication, networking and strategic affiliations. My consultancy service is aimed at helping individuals or organizations unlock the power of social capital. From in-person interactions to strategic networking opportunities, I provide guidance on how to navigate intricacies and social dynamics. I can assist you in laddering up towards your goals. This may lead to results in fundraising, talent acquisition, or social growth. Join me as we explore the art of effective social networking where every connec

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4.99 (69 reviews)

Sabine Faldon
May 23, 2024

Great exploration of my chosen theme, feels almost like a coaching session very valuable, thanks!

Sabine Faldon
May 23, 2024

Got a great explanation about social capital and first mover advantage. Minnect may become my favorite app👍❗

Sabine Faldon
May 23, 2024

Always great and very detailed answers, very helpful?

James Sutton
May 23, 2024

Gary Woods is a great man. He leads from the front & takes meaningful & well considered action. He rolls up his sleeves & goes to work. Legend.

Fast Abdoul
May 23, 2024

Networking Ninja

Mitch Davis
May 23, 2024

Thoughtful and helpful response from Gary. Extremely knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Appreciate your effort and experience!