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Derek Grines White

Derek Grines White

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About Me

Private Equity Founder & Owner, Lead Author and Head Researcher of numerous Multi-Center Randomized Clinical Trials and Medical Journal Articles. Youngest Ever Luman Global Medical Foundation Faculty Panelist @ the age of 22 (by 13 years) 5x President’s Club award winner in various medical device industry sales roles. Known for creative problem solving with unique outside the box solutions and often described as a “visionary”. (Full bio below) I can provide you expert consulting/advise spanning a multitude of fields including the Stock Market, Options & Derivative based securities, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Asset Diversification Strategies, Startups, Sales, B2B Sales, Medical Device Industry, Interventional Cardiology, Medicine, and NFL Cards/Memorabilia. You can always count on me to be straight to the point regardless of the situation and expect unreasonable honesty. I don’t have every answer but l will always point you in the right direction using my extensive network of successful professionals. My contact list ranges from Titans of Wall Street, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Business Leaders, Startup Founders, Social Media Moguls, World Renowned Interventional Cardiologists, and Professional Athletes. Founded my private equity firm Grines White Capital in June of 2020 during Covid with an initial investment of $5,000. In July 2023 I left my job as a senior medical device rep to run the company full time. Under my leadership Grines White Capital has grown to over $45 Million in net assets, $24 million of which came solely from that total initial investment of $5,000! In Q1 2024 the company grew by $22 Million and is on track to break the $100 Million mark by the end of the year. I personally own over 90% of the firms assets.

Where I can help

Health Tech
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Wealth Management


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