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David Weiss

David Weiss

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The greatest lie on earth is the globe lie. It is the lie that keeps us as slaves in a fake world. Waking up to the truth of our beautiful expensive flat realm unlocks your mind and allows you to reach your full potential. We’ve all been programmed since birth that we live on a spinning wobbling space pear in an endless expanding universe where we are insignificant specks. The truth is that we are at the center of creation, and I have great power that it’s being hidden from us. Learning that nature of our world and unplugging from the globe matrix freeze your mind. It lifts you out of depression and gives you purpose. We have all been programmed to laugh at the idea that the Earth could be flat and in the programming it has made us unwilling to even look at the evidence which is overwhelming. The flat awakening is increasing, and in a very, very short time it will take over mainstream thinking. 

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