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Damian Corbett

Damian Corbett

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About Me

I'm Damian Corbett, and I've carved out a niche as an expert in management, sales, persuasion, and social media within the competitive landscape of the automotive industry. Managing three top-tier franchises—Kia, Ford, and Lincoln—I apply a strategic blend of visionary leadership and operational acumen to drive our teams toward outstanding performance. Starting my career as a Salesperson and swiftly ascending to be among the top 50 salespersons in the United States for Kia, I also achieved the highest sales for used cars in our region with Honda. These accolades are testament to my mastery of sales techniques and my ability to persuade and close deals effectively, qualities that have been crucial in my journey. My tenure at a president's award-winning Honda store as a finance and used car manager refined my skills in managing complex financial arrangements and used vehicle operations, enhancing my profile as a comprehensive industry expert. Each role, from Sales Manager to Finance & Insurance Manager, has deepened my industry knowledge, making me adept at navigating its complexities and ensuring that every customer interaction is tailored for satisfaction and loyalty. Based in the bustling market of New York City, I leverage the competitive environment to continually sharpen my skills. My expertise extends beyond direct sales and management into the digital realm, where I have built a robust social media presence with around 100,000 active followers. This platform not only amplifies my reach but also allows me to engage directly with consumers, sharing insights, fostering community, and setting trends. Detail-oriented and passionate about execution, I pride myself on my strategic planning abilities. My approach isn't just about meeting targets but about creating memorable experiences that resonate with clients, thereby redefining the standard of service in the automotive sales industry.

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Tyler Huff
May 31, 2024

Amazing information & I look forward to implementing what I was told!