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Chris Pavlovski

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About Me

The CEO of Rumble, a public company on the NASDAQ, defending your right to speech.

Where I can help

Film and TV
Social Media


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4.75 (13 reviews)

Terry Wesley
May 9, 2024

Excellent video call, very insightful. Chris offered great suggestions to implement to scale my business. I will be reaching out again in the future for more guidance. I would highly recommend a video call. Thank you!

Andrei Socivoi
April 27, 2024

Very honest answer, very much appreciated, definitely recommend 👌

Andrei Socivoi
April 23, 2024

Great interaction, thank you

Eddie Goziker
April 17, 2024


Darko Kondev
April 9, 2024

I made mistake yes, becuase i thought that Sir Chris understands Macedonian. I ask him something, and he just responded with thank you?i am dissapoint

Mak Ivan
April 6, 2024

Thanks for the answer