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As the President & CEO of Specialized Helicopters, I bring over 40 years of aviation expertise to the table. From my early days soaring the skies of California to leading a premier helicopter and airplane charter, tour, and training facility, my career is built on a passion for flight safety and innovation. I launched Specialized Helicopters in 2005, transforming a single R22 helicopter into a leading enterprise in aerial innovation, air charter, advanced flight training, and aircraft sales and service. My extensive experience includes commercial flying, captivating global audiences with the “Showcopters” helicopter acrobatic team, and working with elite clients in the film industry to achieve everything from the perfect “shot” to navigating the challenging world of aviation and making it look simple. As an active flight instructor and Check Airman, I specialize in guiding students and clients through the complexities of flight training, aircraft ownership, aviation safety, advanced maneuver training in helicopters, and navigating FAA regulations for air charter operations. My deep operational knowledge and strategic business acumen enable me to offer comprehensive consulting services tailored to the unique needs of the aviation industry. Whether you’re looking for expert advice on aviation business strategies, advanced pilot training, regulatory compliance, or find the right aircraft for a specific mission, my client-centric approach ensures personalized solutions and important considerations you might need to understand before making your next move . I’m here to provide guidance, support, and a thoughtful conversation about the future of your aviation path. Reach out to discover how I can take your aviation endeavors to new heights.

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