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Meet Cassius Marsh Sr.: Trailblazing Entrepreneur & Professional NFL Veteran After an illustrious 8-year career in the NFL playing as a defensive end for various teams, Cassius Marsh Sr. hung up his cleats in 2023, leaving a legacy of resilience, leadership, and athleticism. Beyond the gridiron, Marsh was a crucial investor in the groundbreaking app Cameo, playing a pivotal role in its development. He’s become an influential advisor in the tech world, guiding innovative startups like Ludex, a game-changer in the trading card market. Deeply passionate about collectibles, Marsh founded Cash Cards Unlimited, a leading retailer offering everything from Pokémon to sports trading cards on multiple platforms, including TikTok and Fanatics Live. Marsh’s mantra of constant self-improvement (“better everyday”) not only helped him on the field but continues to fuel his entrepreneurial journey. He shares insights as an enterprising thought-leader on podcasts such as, “Two Bears One Cave” and “Take Your Shoes Off Podcast”. In 2024, Marsh is set to amplify his influence further with the launch of his own podcast, where he and his powerful guests will share expertise on sports, investing, and entrepreneurship, providing valuable advice and inspiration to all who seek it. Business Expertise: With a multi-faceted career spanning sports, tech, and building businesses, Marsh is uniquely positioned to advise on topics ranging from: player development, successful leadership, app innovation, retail strategy, podcasting, content creation and more. Potential Questions: What inspired you to invest in tech startups like Cameo and Ludex? How can I take my first steps toward investing in start-ups? What are the most valuable lessons learned from your great teammates (Tom Brady) and coaches (Pete Carol)? What advice would you give to athletes who aspire to diversify their career beyond sports?

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Eddie Goziker
April 30, 2024


Daniela Hoyos
April 2, 2024

The opportunity to connect with Cassius was great. I’m taking his path of being an athlete to being an entrepreneur as personal inspiration.