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Caleb Altmeyer

Caleb Altmeyer

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About Me

Minnect me and let's turn an old strip club into a headquarters to fight human trafficking! All Minnect money goes to Helping Captives. In 2006, I was an addict, a party boy, couldn't commit to any job or relationship for more than two months, and was a high school dropout. In 2007, I encountered God through a dream and have been speaking and planting ministries and charities ever since. Today, I am the Founder and CEO of Helping Captives (an anti-trafficking organization in the Pacific Northwest), Bikers Helping Captives (a motorcycle ministry), and President of Caleb Altmeyer Ministries. I am a Husband, Father, Community Leader, and Public Speaker with over 15 years of Non-Profit and Ministry Executive leadership experience. Over the last 15 years, our ministries have been blessed to lead thousands of people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, help over 200 sex trafficking survivors, raise millions of dollars to implement ministry ideas, open successful enterprises that include a thrift store, coffee company, and successful events. God has also allowed me to plant organizations that have overseen hundreds of outreaches to the streets, provided millions of dollars of food to hungry kids and families, helped launch a youth center, opened transitional housing for young adults, remodeled a school house to house trafficked victims and today I am working on turning a local closed down strip club into a facility for emergency and stabilization care for sex trafficked victims. My biggest desire is to help people figure out their calling to impact our culture for Christ. If you need advice on how to grow in your faith, get out of addiction, be a better dad or husband, how to implement your ministry idea, or need encouragement. Hit me up; I would love to help. To learn more about what we are doing, go to www.helpingcaptives.org

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5 (8 reviews)

Mark Wilhelmsson
July 11, 2024

Caleb’s response was super quick and helpful. Highly recommend connecting with him here on Minnect

Nick Kuiper
July 10, 2024

Caleb has been a resounding voice of wisdom and strength during this crazy economic shift

Cathy Olsen
July 9, 2024

I am so impressed with what Caleb is doing to help sex trafficking survivors and turning an old strip club into his headquarters!

Nick Kuiper
July 9, 2024

I would be surprised to see anyone greater than Caleb Altmeyer when it comes to leadership and “doing what’s right, not what’s easy”

Alex Donnolo
July 9, 2024

What an inspiring testimony. I can relate to Caleb's heart on many levels, and hope to support him and his organization however I can.

Carrie Pennell
July 8, 2024

Thank you for all the great information on the ways I can help, I’ll be getting involved in some capacity soon. Thanks again!